Rouge & Rogue

Published in The Manor. May 24, 2023.

“She has a whispered secret that she guards fiercely with her silhouette. She prefers speaking Cantonese, but she will never say no to a Mandarin collar. It is the love, the agony, and the solace that she can’t resist. It is the tenacity surging through her veins that makes her unable to resist.”

Creative Direction, Styling, Words, and Article by Azure Kwok. Photography by Kyla Rys. Makeup by Ari Young Sang. Qipao (Dress in black) designed by Echo Gu

The Nonconformists

Published in The Manor. November 16, 2022.

"Art does not exist in a vacuum. All art is participating in a conversation about our conditions. Fashion, in particular, tells the story of our culture."

Creative Direction and Article by Azure Kwok. Photography by Lulu Hamilton. Photo assist by Mackenzie Moore. Styling by Caitlin Griffin. Makeup by Molly Linstrum. Behind the scenes by Emilio Garcia. Talents: Bryce Fuller, Luna Zander, August Atkinson, Peyton Randolph, Vector Roberson.

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